About cottontop

I live in upstate New York,  married, mother of two daughters, 16 and 7. I am a Krispy Kreme additic, and currently seeking help. Owner of 18 month old Thunder, the Min Pin.

I have been an active poster at the Fluwiki for 3 years(old and new sites), and translate Indonesian articles for the Indo team.  I am now translating Arabic for the Egyptian bird flu news hounds.

Two major projects in the making that I hope will be of great value for the gals, is  Studio Renaissance  http://studiorenaissance.cloverpad.org

7/11/09-I am having an issue with the member login at Studio Rennaissance. When it is resolved, I will update here. Software! grrrr


The other will be announced at a later date, so stay tuned ladies.


35 thoughts on “About cottontop”

  1. You go girl!

  2. cottontop said:


  3. Great – another site I can direct people to, thank you for your efforts!

  4. Well, well. CT, it’s good to see another good resource online. Keep up the good work!

  5. cottontop said:

    Glad you to see you found me! And thanks.

  6. I can very much understand how someone can be a Krispy Kreme addict. My favorite is being in the store and being able to get the glazed donuts while they are still warm, just after being cooked. After that, my favorite are chocolate cake, chocolate glazed, raspberry filled and apple filled.
    What are your favorites?
    And, don’t they help give you the energy you must need to do all the stuff you do?

  7. cottontop said:

    Haha Ssal, I want Krispy Kream for Prez!!

    I remember shortly after we all moved to the new FW fourm, before I was on the Indo team, the girls found an article they translated about Krispy Kream shops were going to open in Indonesia. They posted it for me, because of my love for those damn things! I swear they put something in the filling!! We got a good laugh out of it. When I go on the wagon, a Krispy Kream shop closes!!

    I have a major sweet tooth. I love pastries. I have little stashes around the house, and if it gets broken into there is hell to pay! I just wish I could dehydrate those wonderful krispy kreams.

  8. Good Job, I’ve been waiting to get to your site. Just heard about it last week.

    I’ll be watching.


  9. Hi Rich~

    I’m pleased you stopped by. And thank you.

    I’m hoping to add some regular features in the coming months, if time/family committments will allow. I’m homeschooling my youngest again this year, and taken on a couple more projects that are time senesitive, but I am in the planning stages.

    Now that the Indo news has just about stopped and I’m practically out of a translating job, I have more time as far as that goes.

    I hope to see you around.

  10. CottonTop,

    I too am adicted to the fluffly little Krispy Kream confections and am not seeking help – though donations for more doughnuts are always welcome. A good meal is a terrible thing to waste 🙂 LoL

    Keep posting and reaching others. We need good people like you.


  11. What is the latest with Indonesia’s negotiations regarding the Global Influenza Surveillance Network. Has it agreed to share bird flu virus samples with foreign drug companies? Thanks.

  12. Hi Daniel~

    As of today, no, Indoesia has not released any H5N1 samples that we are aware of.

    Naturally, when any news is released, I’ll have it here.

    Thanks for stopping. Things are really heating up, and I’m glad to see your staying current on H5N1. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


  13. Great. Many thanks for the update

  14. I love your site. Keep it up !

  15. Welcome to the jungle, the blog jungle that is. Been noticing some good stuff from you in Cyberspace.

    I am about to retire Cyberspace into bookland, but personally I think the blog coverage of the Avian outbreaks kicks whatever as opposed to formal coverage and mainstream media. Watch H7- is a sleeper.. and these guys travel in packs.. Unfornately our biggest threat and now present strain may not come from nature, it may come from our own clandestine bioweapon develoment. Nature would do it, but we can do it faster and definitely much more effectively with a a higher kill rate and massively infective. Vaccine or not for our own allies – the stuff will mutate and quickly does and the vaccine that focuses on the part that does not mutate is wishful thinking. Avian can and will get around that.

    Watch out, this posting stuff is addicting. I am headed for the the quieter by the ocean world of writing. Good to see a another one on the watchtowers.. we most certainly need you.


  16. cottontop said:

    Thank you Medclinician for stopping by. It’s always good to hear from a fellow flubie.

    I have always maintained that the first sign of real trouble concerning flu, will come from the flu community. By the time it makes mainstream media it will be too late. I figure the newshounds will give us about a two day (perhaps 3-4) window at which time we can get final preps in place. I know of a fellow flubie who has already taken steps (what they consider to be their finaly steps) and put their plan into active action. They have a set criteria and the events that have happened sos far, was their signal to move into finaly prep phase. Now we all have different signals, and I haven’t seen mine yet. I have certain things I’m looking for, some have happened, but it has to all come of frutation before I enable my finaly prep phase. That’s why I urge everyone to draw up an emergency disaster plan, and really think about what they will do when a pandemic hits. Walk through your steps. I found several flaws in my plan once I did that. Most people have no idea what to do once an emergency strikes. Your emergency plan is something you have control over.

    There’s too much going on flu and economic wise, not to be prepared on any level. It’s valuable insurance that households need.

    Good luck with your writing Medclinician. Hope you keep us updated.


  17. cottontop said:

    I seriously need to update my profile. Will try to get to that.

  18. Hey Neighbor. Long time no chat.

    I’ve been very busy coaching folks around this recent outbreak, and to make things a little more efficient, I put a posting up on my business blog that you might get value from or point folks to. It’s here:
    It’s already been a crazy day. Insomnia had me out here hoping to get some uninturrupted work done by 02:00, then a tractor trailer overturned on Route 30 just down the road, we’re all first responders here, so off we go. No injuries, but not how I wanted to invest my insomnia!

  19. cottontop said:

    Hello Stranger!!!

    Jeeze, long time no hear is right! I hope you and your is doing well.

    You are more than welcome to broadcast whatever you need too here. Please feel free to do so at anytime. If there is anthing I can do to further help, let me know.

    I feel we have the summer to prep, but that’s it. Funny, but I don’t feel panic or anxious. I just feel a little drepressed, which surprises me. Hubby on the other hand is in a state of panic, and it seems every five minutes he’s asking me a question. My family is relying heavily on me for answers, so I guess 3 years of tracking H5N1 and learning about flu viruses will come in handy after all, as sad as it is. Never thought I’d see it so soon.

    Take care and be careful.


  20. I have had MINPINs my entire life and currently have two.
    Raising two daughters is a piece of cake compared to training a MINPIN. They will challenge you at every turn, are knowingly mischievous, and can best Houdini any day in escaping from any supposedly secure facility.
    I would strongly recommend you attend some professional dog training courses to retain your sanity.
    MINPINs are akin to professional two year old children…always into something.
    I wouldn’t trade them for anything as they are extremely intelligent, full of life, and tons of fun. They will constantly challenge you to being the “alpha” inthe family pack–never let them become the “alpha.” or you will be forever pulling out your hair LOL.
    Good luck with your new family addition. You will have fun with this “terrier” breed (not toy, as miscategorized by the AKC)

  21. cottontop said:

    Hi Chris~

    You are right on about the MinPin. He is something else! He is delightful and I’m so glad he came into my life however sad of a situation it was. Thunder is clearly my companion, as he hasn’t taken to the rest of the family like he has me, (unless they have food.) He tries to test me as to who is boss, but it doesn’t last long. He knows. I’ve never been so challenged in training an animal as I have in training him in certain things, like bathroom duty.

    He’s never far from me and it’s a very comforting feeling to have him near me. Sometimes he will lay in my lap while I’m on the computer, not so much lately now it’s finally warmed up and it’s cooler on the floor. But he’s always near me.

    My daughters are now 16 and one turing 7 here soon. Thunder raises more hell than they do! You know, having him makes me want to get a full size doberman. I don’t think the house could take it thought. I wonder how they would get along?

    Thanks for stopping by Chris. I hope you find Flu News Network helpful in keeping you up to date on the news. If you have any suggestions for the site just lay’em on me.

    Have a great even.

  22. Dear Ms. Cottontop:

    I don’t know how else to reach you, so please forgive me for turning a comment into an email. Yours is one of the blogs I follow regularly and cite (and link) in my novel.

    I wish to invite you to read and enjoy my pandemic flu blog novel, American Fever: A Tale of Romance & Pestilence. On Monday, July 13, I will begin posting two fresh entries per day through the summer. American Fever represents at least four years of research into one of nature’s most-underrated phenomena.

    I trust you will find what follows worth pursuing to the source. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Peter Christian Hall

    The events described in this blog novel are framed by passages published five years after a terrible pandemic flu breaks out in New York City.

    A young libertarian “do-it-yourself’ flu fighter huddles at home in the East Village, selling respirators and personal protection products on the Internet. As an evolving influenza strain kills its first New Yorker, he begins blogging and goes on to chronicle events that wrack New York and the nation.

    A charming, vexing woman stalks our blogger while he delves into the mysteries of influenza and of society’s muddled response to it. At her prodding, he begins helping some colorful community activists, the Lower East Side DIY. Soon he is wondering why the government puts so much effort into channeling and controlling popular energy-treating vital Americans as if they were viral intruders.

    As the pandemic waxes, wanes, and furiously rebounds, American society staggers into a kind of national Katrina amid weakened Constitutional constraints. With Chinatown a smoky ruin and Houston shattered in a gas explosion, this outspoken New Yorker becomes a victim of domestic rendition, a federal prisoner in a white room somewhere in Manhattan. Ultimately he must fight both the flu and the system to save his life and his love.

    Composed in the most contemporary fashion-as a blog, a public diary that breathes and bleeds immediacy-American Fever tells of passion born in crisis. Drawing on years of intensive research into the nature and history of influenza and the human response to it, it reanimates the concerns of classic plague authors from Defoe to Camus to Saramago.

    This live, linked, serial novel will flow online through the summer of 2009, a dramatic blueprint for survival as we all wait to find out what H1N1 swine flu will do to us.

    American Fever will become available for purchase only after the entire work has been posted.


  23. cottontop said:

    Hello Peter~

    As writing is one of my passions, I don’t mind one bit helping a writer out.

    I am a big fan of pandemic based movies/novels,so this sounds very interesting and I’m on my way to check it out. Thanks for following Flu News Network and the invite!

    Have a great evening Peter

    • Thanks, Nia. I’m still trying to imagine how you find the time to assess and put forth so much information each day. But we upstaters are spirited!

      Best, Peter

      • cottontop said:

        Well Peter, it’s probably why I have a half dozen unfinished manuscripts, unfinished websites, spiders living in the corners of my kitchen, and my Min Pin staring at me with his lead in his mouth. Haha

        Seriously though, I have limited time so I make the most of it. FNN is a priority of mine. It doesn’t always get to come first, but it’s right up there. Folks must be kept informed and if the media and TPTB will not do it, than I will, to the best of my ability.


  24. Hi Nia, many thanks for your great work here.

    I am Indonesian, working for one of non-profit organisations in Indonesia. We are not totally focusing our work in biological hazards, but we try to keep updated current situation (including influenza A issues) within country. These relevant information you’ve posted here are helping so much.

    So, keep up your great work! 🙂


  25. HI Pietz~

    I’m glad Flu News Network can be of service to you. Thanks for supporting FNN, and for the feedback!


  26. I’m here from the Rhiza labs/Flutracker site.

    I’m from western NY, now in NC, and have never had a crispy creme donut. I think I have violated a state law.

  27. Haha VJP, you have violated a state law!! I want to be the poster child for that company! LOL

    I have never had a donught like a Krispy Kreme. I swear they must put something in the batter. I had one donught and I have been hooked for over 3 years now. I tried self rehab for six months but relapsed. Haha

    Thanks for stopping by. Always nice to chat with a fellow flubie!


  28. I just received a report from Los Angeles County Central Men’s Jail that there had been an inmate die of the swine flu who was on the 8th floor.

    This information is known to the inmates but I can find nothing in the L A Times Online or on Google about it.

    How can I verify this information, is there a clearing house on line?

  29. Good!!! Bookmarked this page that has this amazing content. Will come back to see if there are any updates. You, the author, are a master. Thanks

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  31. Thanks a ton for your efforts to have put these things together on this website. Josh and i also very much loved your knowledge through your articles on certain things. I understand that you have several demands on your timetable therefore the fact that you actually took just as much time like you did to help people really like us via this article is definitely highly valued.

    • Thanks for stopping by. It’s comments like yours that give me the incentive to keep blogging. I feel strongly about what I do as I feel it’s an important public service. I try to keep Flu News Network as updated as I can, but unfortunately at times I just can’t devote the time I would like too.


  32. Nice one, i bookmarked this page on Digg under “About cottontop Flu News Network”. Kudos!

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