It was thought SARS had been fully contained, after all, the last case hadn’t been seen since June 2003, but that opinion may be about to change.
Ming Chen with The Epoch Times reports that the Hong Kong Apple Daily newspaper says several hundred PLA soldiers have been hospitalized with high fevers, and “other SARS-like symptoms.” The soldiers are allegedly being quarantined at a military hospital in Boading City and while officials are denying a SARS outbreak, Chinese Internet users are concerned this could be an attempted cover up, like the one tried last time in 2003.

The PLA 252 Hospital in Baoding reportedly has 300 soldier patients exhibiting SARS symptoms and so far at least two have died. The visit by the Apple Daily reporters to the hospital followed Internet leads that SARS had reappeared in Baoding and Dalian City in Liaoning Province.

A taxi driver in Baoding told The Epoch Times:

“I drive around town every day and I heard that the PLA 252 Hospital has many soldiers infected with SARS or a mutated SARS virus, and the hospital is under lockdown. Some people said that some villages are under lockdown too. Our government is always trying to cover the facts, so ordinary citizens can only rely on their own analysis and judgment.”

The Epoch Times reported on the first SARS outbreak in 2003 when the Chinese media still denied the disease existed at all.


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