31 December 2011 Last updated at 07:08 ET

A man who had been diagnosed with China’s first case of bird flu in more than a year has died in the southern city of Shenzhen, health officials say.

The 39-year-old bus driver was admitted to hospital with pneumonia but tested positive for the bird flu virus.

The H5N1 bird flu strain has a high level of mortality, killing up to 60% of humans infected with it.

Positive tests on a dead market chicken last week prompted nearby Hong Kong’s government to issue an alert.


But it was not clear whether the chicken came from a local farm or was imported.


MDC senator for Mabutweni dies of bird flu
By Pindai Dube
Friday, 30 December 2011 10:20
BULAWAYO – Gladys Gombami-Dube the mainstream MDC senator for Mabutweni died of bird flu, a family spokesperson told journalists at her house in Mpopoma high density suburb on Wednesday.

Family spokesperson Samuel Gombami who is brother to Gladys’ husband Fanuel said that postmortem results released on Tuesday in Harare shows that she died of bird flu.

“We were finally given postmortem results and they show that she was taken away by bird flu. We still can’t believe this as a family, we are in still shock,” said Fanuel Gombami.

Bird flu also known as avian influenza is a contagious disease of birds, caused by influenza (A) viruses.

The outbreak of avian influenza of most concern began in poultry in South Korea in mid-December 2003.

The Mabutweni senator was buried at Lady Stanley Cemetery in Bulawayo. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and dozens of MPs and senators attended the funeral.

Gombami-Dube, 48, died after complaining of disorientation and dizziness while travelling home to Bulawayo from a funeral in Gokwe on Boxing Day.

She was rushed to a hospital in Kadoma where she died. The senator was the deputy chairperson for the parliamentary select committee (Copac).

MDC deputy chairperson for Bulawayo province Dorcas Sibanda said the party was shocked with the sudden death of Gombami-Dube and will give all the assistance needed to the family.

“We are shocked and worried about the death of our respected senator for Mabutweni because this doesn’t usually happen. We are still running around to give our mother a descent burial,” said Sibanda who is also the legislator for Bulawayo Central.

Gombami Dube’s Mabutweni constituency covers Mpopoma, Pelandaba, Njube and Lobengula. Above that she has for the past two-and-a-half years been an active member of Copac.

Gombami who is also one of the founding members of the MDC in 1999 was born on November 21, 1963 in Bulawayo.
She did her primary education at Lukhanyiso Primary School in Mpopoma before going to Mzilikazi High School for her secondary education.

She got married to Fanuel Gombami in 1983. She is survived by three children, two girls and a boy.


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