Morning coffee

Two things I’d like to announce:

November 9, 2011, Peter Christian Hall will be a guest poster on Flu Wiki from 7-9. He will discuss how he became interested in Flublogia, ask us questions and we all will discuss his new book American Fever: A tale of Pestilence and Romance, due to be released very soon. It’s a pandemic read, very well put together. cottontop is hoping it makes a movie debut. I invite everyone to join us. Sign up is required to talk with Mr. Hall.

I have joined the National Novel Writers Challenge Post A Day. November 1-30. The challenge is to log in 50,00 words in one month, with no editing (that’s reserved for Dec.) It encourages you to just write. I have been writing off and on for 9 years now. As if I don’t have enough challenges in my daily life, I’m adding one more!

I hope you will either join me in this challenge or be curious enough to see what I’m up to on my writing blog, The Writing World of Nia Rane

If you would like to join in on this insane challenge:

Either way, I hope to see you.

thanks for dropping in on Flu News Network.
nia rane