Swine-Origin Novel Influenza A Case in Maine: Maine CDC Recommendations for Healthcare Providers

Please report any cases of laboratory positive influenza to Maine CDC by fax (1-800-293-7534) or by phone through our 24 hour Disease Reporting and Consultation Hotline (1-800-821-5821). All influenza A rapid positive tests should be confirmed by PCR.

The above request by the Maine CDC to area Healthcare Providers requests samples from influenza A positives. It goes beyond the earlier request by the US CDC for samples from patients with flu-like symptoms who have a swine exposure. The broader Maine request indirectly acknowledges the fact that although all confirmed 2011 trH3N2 have some sort of rather loose swine “exposure”, the identities between all 5 2011 trH3N2 sequences, including the presence of an M gene segment from H1N1pdm09 (pandemic H1N1) which was “critical” for the jump of H1N1pdm09 from swine to human, is compelling evidence of human transmission in the absence of a swine “exposure”.

The swine “exposure” is less than convincing for swine transmission. The constellation of flu genes in all five 2011 human trH3N2 cases has yet to be found in any reported swine sequence in spite of increased swine surveillance in the US and worldwide. Continued:


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