Two Brothers Die of Bird Flu

DENPASAR: Two bird flu suspect brothers, who were treated at Sanglah Hospital, Denpasar, died onMinggu (9/10) Sunday (9 / 10) morning.

Wayan Aldiawan, 10 and his brother Ari Nengah Rica, 5, Banjar Dinas Antuga residents of the Village Jehem, Tembuku District, Bangli Regency, Bali died after a long treatment. Director General and Operations RUSP Sanglah dr Elzarita Arbaindr Denpasar on Monday (10/10) said during a transfer to Sanglah Hospital, Rika had been in a state of consciousness and is decreased.

While observations on his brother were still carried out. However, under observation his condition continued to decline until death.

“Even when the lab checks were done, the condition of his lungs have been damaged due to respiratory tract infections caused by H5N1 virus,” he said.

Denpasar Sanglah Hospital Director Dr. Ken Wirasandhi said both patients were not initially referred to as bird flu patients. Medically by the naked eye, the Sanglah Hospital guessed that they suffered from bird flu. The assumption was finally performed by laboratory tests.

The examinations were conducted at the Laboratory Sanglah Hospital, Lab. Biomol Of the three laboratory examinations all were stated positive for bird flu.

“But the three laboratories did not have the authority to publish the results of laboratory tests. The Sanglah Hospital finally sent the same samples to the Laboratory Kemenkes RI and the result was positive for bird flu,” he said. (OL/OL-04)

Brothers Had 12 Days Until They Died

DENPASAR – The General Hospital Center (Dr) Sanglah, Denpasar, said that attempts to tackle bird flu on two patients who died in hospital on Sunday (9 / 10) night were at a maximum.
“We have leverage in dealing with two patients, including by providing Tamiflu and other anti-infection drugs,” said Secretary of the Committee for Bird Flu Disease Control Sanglah Hospital, Dr I Gusti Bagus Ken Wirasandi, in Denpasar, on Monday.

But according to him, the lives of two brothers, each with the initials ALD (10) and Ra (5), could not be saved while undergoing treatment in the Nusa Indah which is the isolation room for people with bird flu. Wirasandi argued that, when delivered to Sanglah Hospital, the patients’ conditions were very severe.

“Progression of the deterioration was very fast since they come in here, even the breathing system was affected. Maybe it was one of the factors causing the patients to die,” he said.

He mentioned that Ra died exactly at 20.20 pm, followed by his brother, ALD, at 0:00 pm.
Before being referred to Sanglah Hospital, Friday (7 / 10), the two brothers, who lived in Banjar Dinas Antuga, Jehem Village, District Tembuku, Bangli regency, were undergoing treatment at the health centers near their home. While at Sanglah Hospital, ALD and Ra were given Tamiflu.

“Tamiflu is effective only given to patients who are exposed to bird flu virus within 1×24 hours, while two patients had 12 days until the time they died,” said Wirasandi.

According to him, the Ministry of Health Balitbang also officially stated that both patients were positive for bird flu after an examination of VCR sputum samples. The statement was submitted to Sanglah Hospital, on Sunday.


Bird Flu Death Confirmed by Indonesian Ministry of Health
October 10, 2011
Jakarta: The Ministry of Health of Indonesia has announced a confirmed case of human infection with avian influenza A(H5N1) virus. The case is a 1-year old female from West Jakarta district, DKI Jakarta Province.

She developed symptoms and was treated at a health care facility on 8 August, and first admitted to a private hospital on 15 August. She died on 25 August. A family member in the case’s household works as a caterer, frequently processing poultry product, including slaughtering.

There were also poultry in the neighbourhood but there were no reports of chicken deaths within the last 14 days. Laboratory tests have confirmed infection with avian influenza A(H5N1) virus. Of the 179 cases confirmed to date in Indonesia, 147 have been fatal.