October 7, 2011
Bengkulu: Bengkulu Province has alerted three referral hospitals in anticipation of an attack of bird flu.
“The three hospitals were general hospitals (hospitals) M. Yunus, Hospital District of North Bengkulu and South Bengkulu,” said the Head of Environmental Health and Disease Eradication Bengkulu City Health Office.

He said that so far in addition to alerting the three hospitals, the government has given the drug Tamiflu. According to him, until now, they have not found bird flu transmission from birds to humans, although many cases are found in Bengkulu in transmission among birds that were quickly destroyed. He said that to anticipate the outbreak of bird flu transmission from animals to humans, they have provided education and socialization to all health centers in the area in cooperation with related agencies. He said the discovery of bird flu in Bengkulu occurred in January 2011 with hundreds of birds affected that were immediately destroyed. In addition to the socialization of bird flu outbreaks and anticipation in order to be able to identify bird flu early, they also provided lunch to 120 medical personnel.

“They come from medical staffs from all over, from each health center and district. The training provides knowledge of how to recognize early symptoms of bird flu in their places of duty,” he added.

He said the training was deliberately done routinely given the high cases of bird flu in the city of Bengkulu, so as how to avoid the spread of bird flu from poultry to humans.

“Until now, the new bird flu-affected poultry stage, we must avoid and minimize the transmission from birds to humans, because it is very dangerous if it is found,” he added. Training to identify early detection of bird flu is compulsory basic training and followed by all medical personnel in the city of Bengkulu. The material provided in the training includes about avian and pandemic flu, early detection, evacuation, and treatment. The training was held with the method of learning, lecture, presentation of each participant, discussions, and pre-test.

Based on data available at the Department of Animal Husbandry and Health of Bengkulu province, a region that already has bird flu in the province of Bengkulu is Kepahiang District, Castle District and Bengkulu City.
According to Head Keswan and Veterinary Public Health and Animal Husbandry Department of Bengkulu province, Fariasna Bahar, among the counties and cities that have been infected with bird flu, the city of Bengkulu is the highest point of transmission reaching 33 villages. The Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health of Bengkulu province has recorded as many as 2,035 birds positively infected with avian influenza viruses during 2011.


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