If you saw the movie “Contagion” and left the theater not wanting to touch anything or anyone, those instincts could serve you well in a disease pandemic. (snip)

Amid the social chaos that unfolds during the movie are orderly attempts to reduce the physical contact people have with each other. We will rely on this kind of protective community action during a pandemic. These actions might include:

• Increasing space between people by changing seating arrangements, schedules or attendance in places where people gather, such as schools and businesses;

• Temporarily closing schools under certain circumstances;

• Canceling or postponing mass gatherings such as concerts, movies, graduations, and sporting events. (snip)

As the movie shows, when disaster strikes, nothing is more important to each of us than the safety of our loved ones. That’s why it’s important to prepare now. Make sure you have a family preparedness plan to help you protect your family during a pandemic or other emergency. This includes being prepared to stay home for several days or longer and stocking up on food, water and essential medications.