Minister of Health appoint two hospitals in North Sulawesi tackle bird flu

Saturday, September 24, 2011 10:50 pm
Manado (AFP) – Health Minister (Menkes), Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih, pointed to two hospitals (Hospital) in North Sulawesi (Sulawesi), RS and RS Kandouw Sam Ratulangi as a reference in the handling of bird flu. “In North Sulawesi there are two hospitals designated as referral hospital that could handle this case, each RS and RS Kandouw in Manado Sam Ratulangi in Tondano, “said Head of Controlling Health Problems of North Sulawesi Provincial Health Office, Dr. Jemmy Lampus, in Manado on Saturday.

He explains, when these two hospitals designated as referral bird flu patients, its facilities have been improved.Among other things, provided a special isolation room patients, medical equipment and health personnel who provided special. “So in case of bird flu cases in North Sulawesi, such as, the case that just happened in the City Kotamobagu, patients suspected of bird flu should not be brought to Jakarta for get special treatment, “he said.Kandouw Hospitals and Sam Ratulangi will be a special isolation rooms for patients, said Jemmy.

Even so, he said, until now the two hospitals could not be directly examined blood samples of suspected bird flu. Things like this do not only occur in two hospitals, but occurs also in all hospitals in Indonesia. “blood samples are sent and checked Agency for Health Research and Development, Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia. This is done because of the limitations of existing technology in two this hospital, “he said.

Kandouw Special hospital, said Jemmy, had also become one of the referral hospital for patients with swine influenza (swine flu) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Earlier, 11 people Gogagoman Village, District of West Kotamobagu , Kotamobagu City, North Sulawesi, was treated at General Hospital (RSU) Kandou Manado for allegedly contracted the bird flu virus. blood samples were then taken and sent to Jakarta. After the blood samples examined 11 suspected bird flu negative. They’ve returned to the City Kotamobagu.


Anticipation of Bird Flu Spreads
September 27, 2011

JAKARTA: More than half of Indonesian people obtain food and daily necessities from traditional markets. Meanwhile, Indonesia’s traditional markets are identically so dirty that they are breeding animal-borne diseases. Traditional markets that are also a place for trade in poultry are the host for bird flu virus. To that end, Health Minister Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih has asked the city district government to make the traditional markets into healthy markets.
Endang explained that since 2005 been reported from several countries of Asia bird flu cases in humans are highly pathogenic. It has the potential to cause outbreaks or outbreaks with high mortality. Healthy markets ”become the prevention of disease transmission and prevention of bird flu transmission potential disease outbreaks,” she said in the ‘National Workshop on Traditional Market Revitalization into Healthy Market’ in Jakarta.

To give support to the regents and mayors, the government has already developed a healthy market town pilot in 10 districts in nine provinces. This pilot program has been implemented since 2007 in cooperation with the European Union and the WHO. Operation of a healthy market has also been regulated in Decree No. 519/2008 of the Minister of Health Guidelines for Implementation of Market Competition. Recorded at this time, there are 13,650 traditional markets in Indonesia that are entirely managed by local governments. Health authorities inform that more than 250 kinds of diseases are transmitted through unsafe foods.


Ward Off Bird Flu – In October “Rapid Test” Will Be Carried Out Simultaneously [Bali]

September 28 2011

Denpasar (Bali Post) – Beginning this coming October, Livestock Service (Disnak) the Balinese Province coordinating with Disnak all the regency/the city of Bali will carry out rapid test or the fast test simultaneously in the traditional markets that sold the poultry, including the birds market. This step to guard against increasingly expanded the spreading of the virus H5N1 the cause of the very potential bird flu illness threatened the spirit of humankind.

The head of Disnak Provinsi Bali I Putu Sumantra, on last Tuesday (27/9) said, his side also asked for the community that bought the chicken and the other poultry to isolate the poultry that just was bought. For preventive efforts, the community was also appealed to to destroy or burn the remnants of the waste of the poultry after being cut up.

“If being found had the poultry that died suddenly or it was suspected infected bird flu, we asked for the community as soon as possible reported to Disnak local,” he said.

According to Sumantra, the case of last bird flu was found in three locations in the Jembrana Regency just recently namely the Satria Hamlet in Pande Village, Air Anakan Hamlet in Banyubiru Village, and Menega Hamlet in Dauh Waru Village. The number of chickens that died suddenly in the three villages covered 103 tails in the Satria Hamlet, 14 tails in the Air Anakan Hamlet and 3 tails in the Menega Hamlet.

In the three same locations was carried out by the extermination of the poultry namely 25 tails in the Satria Hamlet, 25 tails in the Air Anakan Hamlet and 14 tails in the Menega Hamlet. Sumantra added, his side has coordinated with Disnak the regency/the city in order to increase vigilance for ward off expanding the spread of the case of bird flu. Moreover, his side also ask for to the quarantine side and KP3 to increase the supervision of the entry of the poultry from outside Bali.