Dhaka, Sep 18 – Bangladesh will share a new strain of bird flu virus, identified as a possible pandemic threat, with US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC) to develop ‘seed virus,’ key ingredient to make a vaccine in emergency. “We will share the vaccine for scientific use,”


he confirmed about the sharing of the H9N2 strain of bird flu-A/Bangladesh/0994/2011 (H9N2). The strain was found in humans in March and recently confirmed by US CDC after its sequencing.

The Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) has detected the virus, mild in nature, through its countrywide surveillance.
“But it has the potential to be a pandemic threat,” (Snip) the alarm, as the virus can reassort with H5N1-also ‘widespread’ in the country-with its changing strains.

“If clades 2.2; 3.2 of H5N1 and new H9N2 mutate, it can be devastating,” he said, “but nothing can be predicted about virus.”


(The fact that we are hearing about this 6 months later greatly concerns me. And people wonder why we always think information is being with held from us (the public)!-cottontop