Contagion Review from cottontop

This is classic Hollywood and not close enough to the truth of an H5N1 pandemic. Or a pandemic in close comparison to H5N1.
I was disappointed. I was expecting something more hard hitting, showing more the effects of a pandemic and not how a scientist/doctor injects herself with an expermential vaccine to save mankind. (forehead slap)

I was disappointed they didn’t do more with it. I was expecting a hard hitting movie, but instead go classic Hollywood fluff. I have always maintained that Hollywood can do a much better job with movies like this if they wanted to and not panic people. I was also disappointed at the number of people in the theater.

My main goal is to get people to prepare for emergency situations no matter what it is and I’m going to tell you 3 days of food and water isn’t going to cut it. I still don’t know why FEMA, our Gov, and the Red Cross still push that! What natural disaster that you know of last for three days, and you might have people with you?

Two weeks, folks. Two weeks is the bare min. you should have emergency supplies. I’ve been through too many emergency situations and a major ice store (no power and phone for 13 days) to understand that you need more than 3 days food and water. For the more serious of preppers, one month. If you are prepared for an emergency/natural disaster, you are prepped for just about anything. I personally take prepping seriously, knowing full well that survival and comfort of my family will depend on how well we prepared. In a pandemic where CFR is high, (comparing with the 1918 pandemic) you will not go out in public and will need to depend on yourself. If you are in a natural disaster and can not get out, you will need to depend on yourself.

Being well stocked makes sooo much sense. I can only hope that it becomes the norm of our existance.

If you haven’t seen Contagion yet but plan on doing so, don’t expect the movie to be hard hitting and thought provoking. If you have seen it I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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