September 6, 2011
TRIBUNNEWS.COM, Kotamobagu – Shocking. The virus known as H5N1 or bird flu disease spread by birds that are known and are very harmful to human health, is found in chicken farms, Anwar Mamonto, residents Gogagoman, Kotamobagu North Sulawesi.

The results of the examination, as many as 25 of 26 chickens belonging Anawar tested positive for H5N1 virus turns out that the chickens immediately destroyed.Not only that, Anwar Mamonto along with nine family members had taken to the hospital Kandou in Manado, on Sunday (04/09/2011), diagnosed with a fever as symptoms of bird flu victims exposed to visual acuity.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Salmon Helweldery Kotamobagu MA when he said, the current family of Anwar’s condition has improved. High fever that previously plagued the 10 people has now been dropped. “There were four women and six men, their families Mamonto Mr. Anwar who is also chairman of the RT VII. Their situation has improved, but for the test results have not been there,” said Salmon.

The suspect bird flu was initially taken to the hospital Datoe Binangkang. RS Kandou di Manado. But because there is no end of equipment referred to hospitals Kandou in Manado. Until Monday (09/05/2011), Gogagoman residents are still being treated in hospital.

Head of Livestock Department of Agriculture Fisheries Forestry Plantation Animal Husbandry and Food (DP4K2P) Kotamobagu Nurachim P Mokoagow said initial reports of bird flu came from Anwar who is also Chairman of RT Mamonto Gogagoman VII.

“On 3 September we do a rapid test or rapid testing and September 4, results 25 of 26 chickens tested positive for the virus. We immediately destroy all the chickens,” said Nurachim on Monday (09/05/2011).

In accordance with Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) or standard procedure, DP4K2P any spraying disinfectant around the scene of a radius of 200 meters. But for culling chickens in the neighborhood, the DP4K2P difficulty because there must be the owners permission.

Nurachim added, Department of Agriculture and Livestock and the provincial health office will review the site plan. The province will also come down to check,” he added.

In addition to the Gogagoman, DP4K2P will examine the chickens in Mason. Information received by the agency, in the area there are also chickens sudden death mortality.

It is said, the problem of bird flu had also occurred in Kotamobagu April. In fact, the laboratory of Maros, Makassar, SulawesiSelatan (Sulawesi) also had a chance to intervene.

Kotamobagu own municipal government directly coordinate with the two districts bordering the Bolaang Mongondong (Bolmong) and East Bolmong (Boltim) to improve surveillance of poultry into the territory of each.

“We have contacted the Public Relations Section of the two regions to be more wasapada. Based on the information we received, the chickens are infected with the virus originating from outside the region,” said Head of Public Relations Local Government Supreme Kotamobagu Adati.

It is said, the municipal government has re-enable postal Kotamobagu poultry surveillance in border areas. This is intended to prevent entry of birds or animals infected with the disease.