September 5, 2011
Kotamobagu, COMMENT
Bird flu virus (H5N1) has hit back in Kotamobagu. This time the attacks are far more sinister than the first event in late April. The first attack only resulted in dozens of poultry that had to be destroyed, this time 11 people in Kotamobagu had to be sent and treated in the department of special (General Hospital), Prof. dr Kandou, Malalayang Manado. The 11 bird flu suspects are known to consist of three families (Head of Family). Sadly, these three families are still bound by kinship. Starting from the husband-wife, child, grandchild, son-in-laws up to the job of one family. The homes of the victims of this H5N1 virus attack are located in the Village District Kotamobagu Gogagoman West and East Village Kotamobagu Kotobangon District.
The AI-infected suspect patients are AM aka War (58) and his wife, Mrs. NM aka Nur (55), then Mrs OM (48), OM (58), FM (29), and CHM. The six of them are citizens of Village Gogagoman Lorong Kembang. Then five residents at Kotobangon are HK (30) aka Rah, who was four months pregnant and her husband, AM aka Af (31) and their eldest son AM aka Naf (3), with both parents of Rah. Ie, the initials MK aka Mus (58) and his wife, Mrs. NM aka Nen (54).

As for the bond of brotherhood among these patients, it is because the eldest son of War and Mrs. Nur ie Af, married with Rah. The woman who is now pregnant with baby 4 months old, is the son (daughter?) of Mus and Mrs. Nen. Mus himself is known to be a retired civil servant in one of the agencies of Bolmong Pemkab. Even positions that never bears when it is strategic enough, the secretary of the department.

Based on information gathered from comments, the first outbreak was on Saturday (09/03) last week. That day, the body temperature attacked Mrs Nur and CHM with a high heat followed by a cough and runny nose (flu). Both were immediately checked by their health physicians. There Mrs. Nur unexpectedly met her eldest son, namely Af, who drove his wife, Rah, for the same illness. In fact, Mrs. Nur and CHM live in Gogagoman, while Af and his wife settled in Kotobangon Rah.

Over time, other family members also begin to develop the same disease: high body temperature, coughing with flu. Finally, as if on command, they went to hospitals Datoe Binangkang. At the hospital owned by Regency Bolmong this, they were given a makeshift treatment. Moreover there is no special room prepared at this hospital. On Sunday (09/04) afternoon at around 15:00 pm, the Public Health Service Kotamobagu decided to refer the patients to the RSU 11 Kandou.

(Eleven people who are related, coming from different villages with bird flu. Hmmmm…-cottontop)