That I’m having a hard time buying the CDC’s report on the new novel flu strain. Here is a comment I found on a flu forum and I will have to agree. I may not be the smartest cookie but I know when they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

“One of the children had no contact with pigs
…but the child’s caretaker had earlier contact with asymptomatic swine:
No direct exposure to swine was identified for this child; however, a caretaker reported direct contact with asymptomatic swine in the weeks before the boy’s illness onset and provided care to the child 2 days before illness onset. No respiratory illness was identified in any of the child’s family or close contacts, the boy’s caretaker, or in the family or contacts of the caretaker. (From the CDC report)
If the source really was the asymptomatic swine and the caretaker was the vector, then either the caretaker was mildly infected (and it passed human-to-human to the child), or the caretaker had somehow preserved the virus on the caretaker’s person/clothing/objects and the child picked it up through contact. Yeah, sure. This reminds me of all of the news stories from Indonesia and Egypt where multiple H5N1 victims in the same household ALL had contact with sick poultry before becoming ill, several days apart.”-comment from poster on flu forum

I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees it too.