Key analyses of the Boliven LandscapeTM report into patents relating to vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics for Pandemic Influenza H5N1 (‘bird-flu’) and H1N1 (‘swine-flu’) include:

• Since 2001 there have been more than 400 patents and patent applications related to ‘bird-flu’ and ‘swine-flu’ vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics.

• Seven out of the Top 10 patent owners (or ‘assignees’) are private sector companies

• Close to 10% of the patents analysed were a result of the collaboration between just one company Medimmune Inc and the US government’s National Institutes of Health

• 43% of the patents considered were filed in North America and Europe, with more than 14% filed in East Asia


• Girl from the city of [New] Hamburg is the first confirmed case of influenza A in the city in 2011

• Avian flu testing continuing

• Continued outbreaks of H1N1 alert

• WHO confirms 1 new human H5N1 case

• Pandemic influenza awareness campaign held in Sunyani

• Viral fever grip Jajarkot; 1killed, 300 taken ill
• Viral fever affects Tanahun villages
• Viral fever forces PM to nix envoy call

South Korea
• Korean data show few serious adverse events with flu vaccine

United States
• Walgreen begins seasonal flu vaccine push
• Southern California man pleads guilty in bird flu remedy case
• Get flu vaccination early, CDC urges

• New patient died from influenza A virus

• Transcription analysis on response of swine lung to H1N1 swine influenza virus
• Second Antibody Fights Many Flu Strains
• Study puts global 2009 H1N1 infection rate at 11% to 21%
• Mutation gave H1N1 wings

• Culling more effective than vaccinating
• Seeing a Health Expert Leads to Higher Rate of Flu Shots

• Recombinomics: More H1N1 Low Reactors In Japan Raises Vaccine Concerns