The strange disease appeared in the department of Magdalena.
Governor (e) of Magdalena, José Manuel Bonet Locarno, confirmed Thursday the deaths of five children of the indigenous community Chimila because of a rare respiratory disease.

The cases occurred in early July in the Indigenous Reservation Oristuna Issa, in the Sabana de San Angel, Magdalena center.

“So far 66 people have attended the sick, of which 17 are children. They killed five children, all under a year since the first week of July,” Bonet said, adding that officials from the Ministry of Health Department moved to the shelter to care for the sick and take samples to determine the causes of the disease.

The president said 26 patients have been referred to health centers in Santa Marta, Valledupar, Plato, and Barranquilla. The others are stable Sabanas de San Angel.

“The deaths stopped. Health care is timely, is all the Ministry of Health here and there is coordinating the chief public health officer with the Hospital Fernando Troconis sending remedies,” says Bonet.

Patients being treated with Tamiflu since Wednesday, a selective antiviral against influenza virus.

The Ministry of Health was informed of the facts to both the NIH and the National Focal Point of the Ministry of Social Protection, which are the only ones who can determine exactly what the illness is affecting the indigenous Chimilas.

The governor said he had been difficult to gain access to the sick and those who have died because “the culture does not allow it.” So far it is believed to be an epidemic of influenza, whooping cough or [atypical pneumonia].…oria_9971404-4