(Note: Positive H1N1 cases have now increased from 280 to 382. An epidemic has been declared in Merida with 184 cases and increasing.)

Machine translated

The Dignitary explained that of that number, 184 have been recorded in Merida A total of 382 positive cases of H1N1 flu was registered in Venezuela, as reported on Sunday the head of state Hugo Chavez. (Snip) Alo Presidente (Snip) Chávez specified that this amount, 184 were confirmed in Merida. He added that due to epidemiological fence activated by the Venezuelan government, the daily increase of that respiratory infection was reduced from 48% to 35%.

“We are taking the battle with the people but is a difficult situation to control, ” (Snip) Finally, Hugo Chavez said that state institutions are free to apply all vaccines, to prevent the spread of the virus AH1NI.



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