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Attacks agents Ciudad Juárez a deadly virus …

One died and three have the same symptoms of a rare disease. There is a commander in critical condition

Carlos Coria Rivas / Correspondent

CHIHUAHUA, March 23 .- A rare viral disease attacked several municipal traffic police in Ciudad Juarez, killing one, while three have the same symptoms.

The commander of the Eastern sector, Guadalupe Gutiérrez Palma, was reported in critical condition and two more agents are under observation have the same disease.

At a press conference, authorities of the municipality, headed by Dr. Ariel Díaz de León, they were puzzled by the unknown origin and characteristics of evil.

The disease was classified by doctors as an atypical pneumonia agents of the City Transit Department, and health authorities announced that they are being made for studies to find out what were the causes of this evil, with which an agent died.

In this regard, the municipal secretary of Health said that the element of Traffic who died began badly for the weekend and after that he went to a private doctor, arrived at General Hospital, where, even when he made several medical actions, died.

The case was an atypical pneumonia and explores the reasons why the death occurred, he said.

Doctors advised local government officials addressed immediately if they are cold, bone pain, fever or breathing problems.


2011-03-23 ​​12:13:00

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