Padang: The case of patients suspected of exposure to bird flu in the General Hospital Doctor M Djamil Padang, West Sumatra, continues to grow.  Since the beginning of March until today, Friday (11/3), the number of patients reached 13 people, two of whom entered this afternoon. They come from Solok regency, and the city of Padang.

While 4 patients who have been treated will be allowed to go home, because their conditions have  improved, and they are negatively affected by bird flu virus. They come from Darmasraya District and the city of Padang.  According to laboratory test results from Jakarta, both were negatively affected by bird flu virus.

Meanwhile, according to data from Department of Animal Husbandry and Forestry Padang, it was  mentioned that the spread of bird flu virus in the Valley has expanded into the 9th district. However, the government has not set that condition as an extraordinary event (KLB) for bird flu.

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