Avian influenza – situation in Egypt – update 41
13 January 2011 – The Ministry of Health of Egypt has announced a new case of human infection of H5N1 avian influenza. A 10-year-old male from Giza Governorate, developed symptoms on 5 January and was hospitalized on 8 January. He is in a stable condition.

Investigations into the source of infection indicated that the case had exposure to poultry.

The case was confirmed by the Egyptian Central Public Health Laboratories, a National Influenza Center of the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance Network (GISN).

Of the 120 cases confirmed to date in Egypt, 40 have been fatal.


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#Egypt: Min. of Hlth Letter To Attorney Gen. Intensify Efforts Due To Increased H5N1 in Humans

An official letter from the Minister for Health Counselor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud, warning of the danger of bird flu .. And the Attorney General is required of prosecutors in the governorates to decide quickly on the issues of bird shop owners, and the massacres
Monday, January 17, 2011 – 14:02

Summoned the Attorney-General Counselor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud, the first on Saturday, Dr. Suhair Hassan, Director of the Central Administration for Preventive Medicine of the General Authority for Veterinary Services to inquire about the organizational steps and preventive measures for bird flu, established by the law No. 70 of 2007 on the organization and circulation and sale of live birds and poultry, after the expiry of the period transition in August of last year, which prohibits the circulation and after the transfer and sale of live birds and poultry completely.

The call on the note sent by Dr. Hatem the Minister of Health to the Attorney General on 10 January this year, which warned them of the danger of spread of avian flu and the resulting cases of injury and death among humans, stressing that these cases is increasing upward as a result of handling, transport and sale of birds organisms.

And Dr. Hatem in his note, which won the “seventh day”, a copy of that data for this disease refers to the expansion of the spread of bird flu in several provinces and to increase the likelihood of transmission of the citizens, especially children and women, which called for intensification of the efforts of the competent administrative authorities in take preventive measures to reduce the risk of exposure and infection.

The memorandum demanded that the Ministry of Health sent to the Attorney General that the seriousness of the disease requires strengthening efforts to combat bird flu signing of the maximum penalty for violators of the provisions of Act No. 70 of 2007, regulating the circulation and sale of live birds and poultry and offered for sale.

Intervention of the Attorney General in the crisis to ban the circulation, sale and transport of live birds, interpreted by government sources for two important reasons: first, the situation raging between shop owners and massacres, after the decision of the conservatives shut down a final application of the provisions of Law No. 70, which left behind many of the demonstrations and vigils from shop owners who have not legalize their status before the end of the period specified in the law.

The second explanation is the government’s failure to solve the bird flu crisis, which called for Dr. Hatem to send a letter to the Attorney General, requesting that the speed of intervention and to activate the law broken 4 months ago and, accordingly, decided that the Attorney General to send a circular to all prosecutors in the governorates in which it requested care study what is being offered from the records of liberation for the crimes committed in violation of the provisions of Law 70 of 2007 and its implementing regulations, regulating the circulation and sale of live birds and poultry, offer for sale, as well as fulfilling all of its elements, and the initiative to achieve the required and disposed of in terms appropriate and select the sessions close for consideration.

Revealed Circular No. 3 of 2011, which won the “seventh day”, a copy of the mandate of the Attorney General of the prosecutors in the governorates should be of interest to initiate criminal proceedings in these crimes before the competent court and make the necessary applications for adjudication as a matter of urgency, with the signing of the maximum penalty prescribed by law.

He called the Attorney General to review the sentences in these cases a careful review and appeal by the appeal or the veto, as the case on the issue of violation of the provisions of the law.

The Attorney General stressed the need for the initiative to make decisions to act in live birds and poultry seized in the light of the provisions prescribed by the law and in coordination with the Directorate of the Department of Veterinary Medicine or competent in this regard.

Law 70 of 2007, regulating the circulation and sale of live birds and poultry, offer for sale and its implementing regulations issued by the Minister of Agriculture Amin Abaza, 941 emphasized the departments of governorates of Veterinary Medicine and its departments are the administrative body competent to issue permits to transport and handling of live birds or remnants of poultry farms, poultry, and that After examination and laboratory testing free of human bird flu disease.

According to the law is forbidden to allow the transfer of live birds from the farms to anywhere in the Republic without permission with the exception of day-old chicks and one.
The law that the circulation of live birds and poultry, sold or offered for sale in all the cities of the Republic has become the ban for all cities in the Republic the end of the transitional period set by the Regulations in Articles 1 and 2.

Law to ban the circulation or sale of remnants of poultry farms and poultry infected with bird flu and transferred for this purpose, the law also prohibited the circulation or sale of farm waste non-infected as well.

He has punished the law No. 70 violators of these provisions by imprisonment for not less than 6 months and a fine of not less than 10 thousand pounds or one of the penalties and the confiscation of birds and poultry in the violation for the Ministry of Agriculture and the closure of place of commission of the offense for a period of 3 months, and in the case of a return to the commission of the offense the penalty is doubled in its minimum and maximum and close the place of commission of the offense altogether.

In the case of the stability of domestic poultry seized an infection or an epidemic to be executed and their safe disposal and waste under the supervision of the Veterinary Administration shall, if the stability of the safety of influenza laboratory are slaughtered in an abattoir licensed and distributed to stores licensed to sell and trade from the concerned governor and is filed price treasury of the court until is a final chapter in an acquittal if the case leads the value of what has been slaughtered to the owner after deducting expenses.



South Korea’s worst ever foot-and-mouth epidemic
South Korea MultiProvinces Provinces of North Gyeongsang and Gyeonggi ProvinceDespite the deployment of massive resources, South Korea’s worst ever foot-and-mouth epidemic is still spreading, threatening to turn into a social and economic disaster.

The highly contagious disease broke out on 28 November on a farm at Andong, in the eastern province of North Gyeongsang. A new case was confirmed last week, with 114 centres of infection spread over almost half the country. About 1.4 million animals, mainly pigs and cows, have already been put down, accounting for 8% of total livestock.

The government has imposed travel restrictions and a strict quarantine, closing cattle markets and some zoos. Some 68,000 soldiers have been mobilised to assist regional forces involved in the destruction of livestock. More than 2 million head of cattle have been vaccinated since Christmas.

The government is planning to introduce a certification system to guarantee stock-breeders have adequate training, particularly on hygiene. Farmers travelling abroad will be required to inform the authorities. The losses are thought to exceed 1,400bn won ($1.26bn). Meat prices have soared, adding to heavy inflation on food prices, coinciding with the preparations for lunar new year festivities on 3 February.

There is serious concern for the future of stock farming, with exports of South Korean meat durably affected. Korea has a long farming tradition and stock breeders are distraught at losing animals representing years of work and care. Farmers are angry about poor compensation. The extent of the disaster has also fuelled criticism of the government’s allegedly slow response and failure to learn from previous crises. In January and April last year several outbreaks were reported, leading to the slaughter of 50,000 livestock.

Japan too is concerned about the epidemic. Between April and August of last year a similar problem obliged the authorities to destroy 290,000 cattle in Miyazaki prefecture. This time Tokyo intends to impose stricter controls on goods and persons entering the country. In South Korea, problems have been compounded since the end of December by the return of avian (H5N1) flu. Seven cases have been identified, the latest in the province of South Jeolla. More than 400,000 poultry have been destroyed.