Tehran has released three sets of recent H1N1 sequences which are closely related to recent sequences from the United Kingdom.  One of the HA sequences, from A/Karaj/5327/2010, has S188T


 as well as T1056C and G1403A (Snip) which were present in A/England/4880374/2010, which also had E375K (Snip).

 The other two HA sequences, from A/Shahriar/5336/2010 and A/Bandar Abbas/5096/2010, are related to A/England/118/2010 (Snip).

All three of the sequences from Iran were from samples collected in December, 2010, confirming that the sequences in the UK are spreading throughout the northern hemisphere. The Iran sequence with S188T has two additional non-synonymous changes, S146G and A200T (Snip) which were also in A/BRUNEI/218/2010, further confirming the rapid evolution and spread of the S188T sub-clade.  

These new acquisitions provide additional support for rapid evolution via recombination and raise concerns that the emerging H1N1 is quickly evolving the 2009 sequences.


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Egypt: Swine and bird flu infections claim three lives in Daqahlia

Sun, 19/12/2010 – 11:48Egyptian officials on Saturday announced the death of three Daqahlia Governorate residents by swine and bird flu infection.

A Ministry of Health statement claimed two of the cases were H1N1, commonly known as “swine flu,” with one H5N1, dubbed “bird flu,” case. The ages of the victims ranged between 44-50 years old.

Meanwhile, hospitals in five different provinces throughout Egypt–Gharbiya, Sharqiya, Daqahlia, Ismailia, and Fayoum–on Saturday reportedly received 43 suspected flu cases. Laboratory results suggested 15 of them as H1N1 positive, with 19 others suspected of carrying the virus.
Three were announced H5N1 positive, with six others diagnosed in rudimentary stages of infection.