On December 7, an additional case of human infection with swine-origin triple reassortant A(H3N2) viruses in Minnesota USA were reported through IHR. The Minnesota virus was confirmed by the WHO Collaborating Center in CDC Atlanta. Sequence analysis has shown that the virus is closely related but not identical to the previous swine-origin triple reassortant A(H3N2) viruses from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in November 2010.

The above comments from the Global Alert and Response flu update of December 17,2010, confirm the prediction that the sequences from the recently announce trH3N2 case in Minnesota will be closely related to the isolates from Wisconsin (September 6 infection) and Pennsylvania (October 24 infection). The CDC recently released these sequences as well as the two prior trH3N2 cases, which were related to the first trH3N2 case in Kansas (August 2009).

Four of the five prior isolates were closely related and had PB1 E618D, as well as additional polymorphisms that were found in all four human isolates but no recent swine isolates.  This relationship raised concerns that the trH3N2 virus were circulating in a human population, which would lead to more isolates in the same lineage. The above comments confirm that relationship
The above confirmation supports an emerging H3N2 swine pandemic and dictates more aggressive surveillance of human cases in the region.


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