H1N1 In Saudi Not Pig Flu[/b]
Saturday, December 11 2010 – 23:10 WIB
Ahmad Dani Okezone

Medina. Vice Chairman Health Field PPIH Saudi Arabia, Dr Chairul Radjab straightened information concerning pig flu. He explained if flu H1N1 that happened in Saudi not the category of pig flu.

“That of only influenza strain A newest. Same like flu that is experienced by humankind generally,”[/b] said Chairul in BPHI Medina, on Saturday (11/12/2010).

Chairul added, uptil now the congregation that infected this flu in fact could recover automatically if having body immunity that was enough. “Only when be hit to the patient that his immunity was low especially that had chronic illness, then will cause the heavier clinical sign,” obviously Chairul.

In this opportunity, Chairul stressed only two congregations of the pilgrim who was stated positive flattest the virus H1N1. One kloter Surabaya and one from Solo. “Both of them died,” obviously Chairul.

The positive statement H1N1 two congregations were based on the letter that left RS Saudi Arabia. Because of that Chairul ask for so that the congregation that wanted to depart the pilgrim really had the healthy condition. “If the condition was more unhealthy could reduce religious duties the Sunnah,” requested Chairul.