A flu-type illness has spread to five schools in the town forcing one to shut for a deep clean. Samples taken from pupils attending two of the schools have confirmed influenza type B – a rapidly spreading virus which, although a milder form of the flu, is rarer so young children are not immune to it.

Grange Junior School in Stratton St Margaret has been closed for 72 hours in a bid to stop the bug from spreading and is currently undergoing a deep clean operation. At that school alone, 160 pupils are suffering with the bug out of the 323 children at the school. A spokesman for Swindon Council also confirmed that a third of the 20 members of staff were also off sick.

He added that Grange Junior School was the only one forced to close because there was also an outbreak of a separate vomiting bug at the same time. The four other schools affected are: Colebrook Junior School; Colebrook Infants School; Seven Fields Primary School; and Catherine Wayte School.

The main symptoms reported have been fevers, sore throats, runny noses and painful muscles.



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