(I continued to feel honored to be mentioned with these wonderful people. My thanks also goes out to each and everyone who continues to contribute to the importance of tracking/studing  viruses and personal emergency planning. Kudos to you all,-cottontop)

This is my fifth Thanksgiving blogging at AFD.

During Thanksgiving week of 2006 I began what has turned out to be a joyous tradition for me – taking the time to publicly acknowledge and thank those working to prevent, or mitigate, global health threats.

Each year I update this essay to include some new people, and to mention some of the friends I’ve met along the way on this remarkable journey through Flublogia.

While I pen AFD alone, this is by no means a solitary effort.  I rely (heavily) on the the advice, expertise, hard work, and generosity of dozens of others in Flublogia, without whom, this blog would not be possible.

This is my once-a-year chance to thank them.

Our regular schedule of doom and gloom will continue shortly. In the meantime, I invite you to take a moment to reflect on those who are out there doing good work  (including some, who sadly, are no longer with us) to try to reduce disease morbidity and mortality around the world.


Another blogger I’ve had the great fortune to meet, and work with on several occasions, is Dr. Greg Dworkin (DemFromCt), editor of the Flu Wiki and a blogger on the Daily Kos.

Relatively new to the blogging scene is Arkanoid Legent out of Malaysia, who very efficiently covers `the night shift’ in Flublogia when those of us in the western Hemisphere are in the arms of Morpheus.

While most of them don’t maintain formal blogs, many of most active (and most astute) infectious disease news analysts in Flublogia are the volunteer newshounds on the flu forums.

Every day, dozens of hardworking flubies scour foreign language news reports, using search engines, text-finding software, and translating programs to bring us the latest tidbits of news from around the world.

They do an awesome job. If the CIA and the NSA aren’t envious, they should be. I’ve written numerous times about the work they do, but if you want to know how they do it, check out Newshounds: They Cover The Pandemic Front.

It would be impossible to mention them all, and I fear insulting those I miss. But a partial list (in no particular order) of some of the most active newshounds – now and in the past –  includes :

Dutchy,  Ironorehopper,  Treyfish, Commonground, Florida1, DemFromCt, SusanC, Kobie, Carol@SC, Pixie, mojo, bgw in MT, Readymom, pugmom, Frenchiegirl, AlohaOr, UK-Bird, Rick, Canada Sue, Theresa42, Mosaic, Cottontop, Influentia2, Mojo, Michelle in OK, Mary In Hawaii,  dbg, flubergasted, Laidback Al, Alaska Denise, Siam, InKy, History Lover  . . .

To those I missed (and there are many), mea culpa.

The full message is here:


•  Public Information Services in Armenia: Forging Strong Relationships with Media by Communicating Results in Person (Link)

•  Swine flu outbreak denied at boarding school  (Link)

•  Hong Kong bird flu case appears isolated; patient recovers (Link)

•  Bird flu patient now in stable condition (Link)

•  18 days on ventilator, woman delivers baby  (Link)

•  Containing bird flu; Efforts to control avian influenza need to consider the importance of birds in Indonesians’ lives (Link)

•  CCHDC alerts over a possible respiratory diseases outbreak (Link)

•  Seasonal birds fly in fears of bird flu with them (Link)

•  Coast Guard put on alert for entry of bird flu virus (Link)
•  DENR to help monitor bird flu cases in migratory areas (Link)

•  No case of avian flu among humans since July (Link)