Though the woman experienced her first symptoms the day after she returned from the mainland, the flu incubation, usually up to 2 weeks, can sometimes be as short as a day, Chow said. “The viral studies might be the best indicator whether this is a virus from the more northern part of China or in the southern part of China,” he said.

As part of its pandemic flu activation plan, which, at “serious” is at the second of three response levels, Hong Kong officials have set up a telephone line to field calls from the public and have increased surveillance by testing all serious pneumonia cases for H5 influenza. The CHP said it was in touch with mainland and hospital authorities about the H5N1 case.

If the case is confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO), it will be China’s second H5N1 case this year and the 40th since 2003. The country has had 26 confirmed H5N1-related deaths.



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