With temperatures set to dip, and a very real possibility of a swine flu resurgence staring at its face, the state government’s H1N1 advisory committee has sent a recommendation to the centre to import Paromovir, an injectable drug for swine flu.

An audit by the committee suggested that Tamiflu (Snip) has failed to arrest death in high-risk patients and those who received delayed treatment. The committee’s observations stated that majority of deaths in Maharashtra including Mumbai have been a result of co-morbid conditions in patients or delay in treatment. “Such patients have not responded to Tamiflu and have eventually succumbed,” (Snip)

According to Shrivastav, the injectable drug may help reduce the number of deaths in the state, which is still higher than other parts of the country. The state has recorded 4677 cases of swine flu and 518 deaths since April 1 this year. The state’s recommendation to the centre mentioned that importing the H1N1 injection may help in saving many lives. Even as the swine flu pandemic was declared over by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the state fears the virus is very much in the air and may hit back during winter. In fact, what has been worrying health experts is the recent rise in swine-flu deaths in the state, especially in rural Maharashtra.

The recommendation also says that doctors have observed that the flu was resistant to Tamiflu in many cases.

Paromovir is a drug from the same group as Tamiflu. However, it is considered to be an aggressive cure for high-risk patients. Continued:



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“The high risk groups such as patients with existing ailments like pneumonia, asthma, respiratory disorders etc, did not show much improvement with Tamiflu. Also, patients who were put on treatment late did not respond to Tamiflu,” said Dr Pravin Shingare, joint director, Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) adding that only the injectable drug will work in such patients.

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