Makassar: Four suspected bird flu infected patients are being treated at Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital, Makassar, South Sulawesi. The information obtained by SCTV, on Wednesday (29 / 9), said the four patients consist of two children and two adults. They are referrals from district hospitals Pinrang.

The pediatric patients come from Savira and Andrian Soppeng District of Pinrang. Two other patients are from Novi and Nawir is also from Pinrang.  Nawir and Andrew are from one family.  Although there is no further examination, doctors suspect bird flu, because they suffer from high fever after (being around) dozens of dead pet chickens.  In order to avoid transmission of this disease, treatment of the four patients is very strict. They are now treated in a special chamber for infectious diseases.

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4 Patients Hospitalized Pinrang and Soppeng Regencies
September 30, 2010
Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital in the South Sulawesi capital of Makassar is treating four people from Pinrang and Soppeng regencies for displaying symptoms of avian flu virus infection.  The patients, three of them are children, were admitted to the hospital on Tuesday night after complaining about high fever, suffocation and coughs. They were immediately taken to the infection center in accordance with the standard operating procedure for avian flu treatment, the hospital’s director, Kalsum Patonangi, said Wednesday.”We are waiting for the laboratory examination to confirm the status of the patients,” Kalsum said.

Head of the Pinrang health agency for disease control, Dyah Puspita Dewi, said the agency had monitored 30 people who suffered from fever. She added three of them were admitted to the hospital as their health condition worsened.

“We suspect the three people were infected with the bird flu virus as their fever reaches 38 degree Celsius and complain of suffocation, sore throats and coughs, which are symptoms of the disease,” she said.

She added the three patients caught a fever after dozens of chickens nearby their homes suddenly died.  The regional agriculture and husbandry agency data recorded that 6,300 chickens in seven districts across Pinrang regency had died in the past week of avian flu virus.

17 Hospitalized with Suspected Bird Flu

A South Sulawesi hospital was overwhelmed as it admitted in two days 17 patients believed to have bird flu, an official said Thursday.  The patients, mostly children, presented with symptoms of the disease, such as a high fever, cough and respiratory problems, spokesman for Wahidin Sudirohusodo General Hospital in Makassar, Andi Kurnia Bintang, said.   Kurnia said the first patient, 5-year-old Salman, was hospitalized Wednesday morning, followed in the evening by his siblings Nurul Awaliah, 3, and Nur Fadillah, four months old, and four neighbors.  He said the patients, all residents of Sudiang subdistrict in Biringkanaya district, Makassar, were brought to the hospital after suffering a high fever for about two days.”According to Salman’s parents, 27 chickens belonging to their neighbors died on Nov. 7. In the two days after that, their four chickens also died,” he said.

Kurnia said the hospital had conducted urgent tests for the first seven patients, with the results indicating the presence of the H5N1 avian influenza virus.   The hospital is waiting for confirmation of the results from blood tests conducted by the Micro Laboratory of the Hasanuddin University Medical School and the Visual Conversion Reaction, he said.  He said the hospital had the other 10 patients admitted Thursday under observation while waiting for their test results.

“They showed symptoms of bird flu, such as a high fever and respiratory problems, but we are still waiting for the results of the rapid tests, thorax photos and blood tests,” the hospital’s emergency unit officer in charge Wasis Udaya said.

The hospital’s bird flu team held a meeting Thursday to help deal with the situation, as this is the first time they have received such a large number of bird flu patients.
The hospital, which had set aside 11 beds for bird flu patients, had to expand its facilities following the outbreak.  Head of the husbandry division of the Makassar Marine and Agriculture Office, Sulistiawati, said the results of tests conducted on the dead chickens in the area showed the birds were infected by the avian influenza virus.

Tembilahan, Riau ::: Possible bird flu suspect

Tembilahan, Riau ::: Possible bird flu suspect

Posted by Ida on October 1, 2010

Tembilahan – A 17-year-old girl, named Intan, a resident of Jalan Kayu Jati, Kecamatan Tembilahan Hulu, had been treated in Puri Husada hospital, Tembilahan, Riau Province.

Patient was suspected of having bird flu infection according to laboratory examination done by a doctor in Puri Husada hospital, confirmed the director of the hospital, Rasul Alim.

Patient has returned home, and is now being treated as an outpatient.

Source: Indonesia local newspaper, Riau Mandiri.

Three New Suspects in Pinrang

October 1, 2010

Pinrang:  Pinrang Health Department officials continue to conduct surveillance on citizens who have a fever, and immediately act quickly if residents have a high fever, because bird flu suspects are feared.  The data collected yesterday said the number of residents who are closely monitored by the Department of Health on bird flu related problems spread to three people.  They are Nasri (15), whose body temperature reached 38.2 degrees celsius and Eid (18), with a body temperature of 38.1 degrees.  Both of these citizens aredomiciled in the Village Canary, District Lanrisang.  In Medium Paladang, the same district, is citizen Rehan (2), with a body temperature of 39.4 and who participated in strict monitoring by the health office.  Pinrang Chief Medical Officer, Dr H Rusman Achmad M Kes, Thursday 30 September, said when people who are being closely monitored and experience body temperature and dizziness, Diskes, they will be referred to the Wahidin Hospital, Makassar.“We must convey the data to the Provincial Office, either by fax or email,” he said.

Rusman said that residents who live in Kanarie already have 3 days of fever, it’s just that their parents fear to report their children’s condition to the officers.  Yet every time there are officers in the field who urged the public to report their family who happened to have fever for inspection.

“Our officers stand by in the field, but the  parents do not report.  We have repeatedly appealed to the public if there is any body temperature reaching 39 degrees celsius, and was given a febrifuge, but has not changed, should be referred to Makassar,” he said. Symptoms suspect, he said, if the fever continue despite his temperature has been given the drug, while the usual fever, when they are given the drug, the body temperature will decline.

“From the data obtained, bird flu suspect patients being treated in Doctor Wahidin, Makassar, are as much as 3 people, 2 people from Pinrang and 1 from Soppeng,” he said.

The number of cattle scattered in Pinrang hundreds of thousands of heads (see box). Head of Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health (animal health Veterinary Public Health), drh Elvy Martina, in his office on Thursday, September 30, said today it continues to do the spraying, made either of agriculture and animal husbandry department and conducted by the society directly. While the avian influenza vaccine to date has already run out.
“There used to be about 100 thousand, but this has run out. That there now is Disinfectant.  Insha Allah there will be enough for one week ahead.  Tlhe local Pinrang government has issued a circular letter which contains information from Vice Regent Pinrang, HA.Kaharuddin Machmud.  Its contents are to ban poultry coming outside of Pinrang without having a health certificate from livestock officers and veterinarians.