Recombinomics Commentary 20:40 September 24, 2010 In Week 37 Pneumonia and Influenza deaths in the US spiked higher. The rate of 6.87% was well above the Week 37 epidemic threshold of 6.4% and also well above last week’s rate of 5.92% or last year’s Week 37 rate of 6.07%. Details are not available because the CDC does not issue weekly reports until week 40. However, the CDC did issue an H3N2 alert in August because of two small outbreaks in eastern Iowa, and media reports are describing an ongoing influenza A outbreak in London, Ontario. This outbreak is at an extended care facility and is likely to be H3N2 because of the age of the residents.

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18 People Suspected Bird Flu Infected


SIDRAP – Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Sidrap and residents in this area is still studying the samples of poultry that died suddenly in some places.

His research is still ongoing and not yet certain whether the deaths of thousands of poultry breeder’s right due to bird flu attack. Even so, the Head of Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Sidrap, HM Abd Aziz MSi suspect, the death of birds in relatively large amounts in Sidrap shipment was due to illness from other areas and facilities and infrastructure affected by livestock are transported into Sidrap. Aziz admitted today that he is tightening supervision at border areas in the four corners of the Sidrap, including at border-Sidrap Pinrang, Parepare-Sidrap, Wajo-Sidrap and Soppeng-Sidrap.

At this point four said Aziz, considered vulnerable to the entrance of the spread of the deadly disease. Regarding preventive measures, he said, had already done optimally meet directly with a number of breeders in this area. In addition, the real action is taken by spraying in a number of cage residents. “That’s an important step made in order to reduce the potential spread of the virus,” he said Monday.

According Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Department data Sidrap he said, carrying only about a thousand chickens that died suddenly. Most deaths occur at home continued owned by a farmer in the village called La Bakkareng Kadidi, District Five Chert, Sidrap, last week. “Actually there are several cases of poultry death scene. But the worst is in Kelurahan Kadidi it. According to reports, the dead birds belonging Labakkareng it happened a few days ago before the alleged assault case AI virus is endemic in Sidrap,” he said.

Described, the critical points of the spread of avian influenza (AI) can happen anywhere, especially in areas of dense livestock. However he said, the greatest potential to spread mainly occurred in the border region linking Sidrap with a number of other areas. “Hence, several entrances to direct our Sidrap currently closed,” he admitted.

Separately yesterday, the Head of Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Pinrang Ir H Syamsu Solomon said, in the last three days it had to do the spraying in order to anticipate the spread of bird flu in some districts. It also has destroyed hundreds of chickens infected with avian influenza or bird flu. “We have to isolate the spread of bird flu occurred in Sawitto, Tiroang, Paleteang, Mattiro Fur, and especially Lanrisang,” he said.

While Head of Animal Health and Veterinary Public Health Department of Health Pinrang, drh Elvis Martina said, to ensure the chickens infected with bird flu will be diagnosed with clinical symptoms, surgical chicken carcasses, as well as rapid testing (rapid test). If the result is negative, will be a complete examination in the laboratory at the Veterinary Center (BBV) Maros.

“For the infected chickens in this Pinrang we do not continue inspection in Maros, because it was positively infected by the AI,” he said. Elvis said that, had the bird flu virus outbreak in Pinrang in 2006 and re-emerged in 2007, then in 2008 and 2009, no longer found. According to him, to make sure one is safe from bird flu areas to go through three consecutive years of zero cases. If the fourth year is still zero case, then it can be declared safe from bird flu. “That could diusul to provincial and central governments to secure areas of bird flu,” he said. This year, according to him, no funds from the special budget for bird flu prevention and vaccines. There was only the regular budget.

AI-infected poultry culling carried out by the president instructed Distanak number 1 of 2007 concerning the handling and control of bird flu virus. On the second point mentions two instructions, culling birds that have been contaminated or that are kept in residential areas in the region indicated or suspected to have contracted the bird flu virus and provide reasonable compensation. At three points mentioned, the allocated funds for the handling and control of bird flu virus. Data Distanak Pinrang mention, poultry chicken bird flu in the area indicated as many as 4094 birds. Among others in District Lanrisang, the type of free-range chicken (village) in the Village each Lanrisang 557 heads, 82 tails Ulue Same Village, Village Amassangan tail 105, Village-longi Mallongi 1280 tail, and tail 670 Lerang Village. Then type broiler chicken (chicken pieces) as many as 400 individuals. In Sub Mattiro Fur, Hamlet Village Padaidi Pao, 275 chickens infected village. Then in District Watang Sawitto, Kelurahan kampung Macorawalie 50 chickens, and in the Village District Fakkie Tiroang 50 fish. Plus in the Village District Leppangan Patampanua found 625 laying chickens (broilers).

While data from the Health Department Pinrang mentioned, until now there has been found that infected people have bird flu, but Sept. 25, a number of residents included in the monitoring of Public Health Pinrang, among others in the village of Suppang Saddang 10 people, Village Ulue Same two people, Mallongi longi-five people, and the Village Amassangan one person. Not less than 18 people can be monitored on suspicion of contracting bird flu virus.

(Edy-mg5) bird flu spread in Pinrang Lanrisang 557-Village-village chickens Same Ulue Amassangan 82 tail-Village 105 Village Mallongi tail-tail-1280-longi Lerang Village 670 Hamlet Pao-tail, tail-Village 275 Padaidi Macorawalie 50 tail-Village Fakkie 50 fish-tail 625 Village Leppangan


source: distanak Pinrang