Posted: Sat Sep 11 2010, 05:32 hrs


A total of 1,257 cases and 128 deaths have been reportedfrom August 30-September 5 in the country. 

According to the Emergency medical relief section of the Directorate General of Health Services, the deaths and overall number of cases have increased. 

An analysis done by the DGHS shows that a total of 45 deaths and 341 cases due to the H1N1 virus took place in Maharashtra while in Gujarat, there were 32 deaths and 64 cases. 

In Madhya Pradesh, there were 13 deaths and 22 cases, Karnataka – 12 deaths and 212 cases, Rajasthan – 9 deaths and 55 cases, Andhra Pradesh – 5 deaths and 51 cases, Delhi – 4 deaths and 316 cases, Uttar Pradesh – 4 deaths and 70 cases and one death each in Punjab,Haryana and Uttarakhand. In the week ending August 29, a total of 89 deaths were reported, the DGHS’s weekly epidemiological trend showed.

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