(For all you fans of disaster novels, here’s one you might want to check out.-cottontop)

If you were to pick up a copy of Carla Buckley’s novel “The Things That Keep Us Here” (Delacorte, 408 pp., $25) in a bookstore, you would never guess from the cover that it is a story about the extermination of nearly half the human race.

The cover — neither its title nor the illustration showing a little girl holding a feather — just doesn’t look like it’s going to be a disaster novel. But that’s what it is, and it’s quite a good one, too.

Buckley tells what might happen if another flu epidemic — called H5N1 in the novel — swept across the world the way the Spanish flu did in 1918. She narrows her focus just to central Ohio, which will make the book especially interesting to readers around here.


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