New data shows that nearly 40 percent of those hospitalized for flu illnesses in West Georgia require breathing support to stay alive, according to Pam Fair of the West Central Health District. It is mostly those with chronic illnesses that end up hospitalized for flu in West Georgia.

The above comments describe severe H1N1 cases in west Georgia, raising concerns that a new H1N1 wave has begun and the H1N1 is producing more severe and fatal cases. On Monday the CDC hastily called a press briefing to discuss the sharp spike in hospitalized cases in Georgia, and March 24 the GA department of health issued a press release on a spike in hospitalizations and deaths. Both agencies urged vaccinations for residents.

The spike in deaths was supported by P&I data for Atlanta, which also showed a sharp spike over data from last year. The differences were greatest for weeks 10-11, when there were 28 deaths in 2010, compared to 6 deaths in 2009.


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