Washington – While swine flu has waned across much of the United States, the southeast is reporting an increase in cases of the H1N1 virus, (Snip) “The flu season is not over yet … H1N1 has remained persistent in the southeast and now those states are experiencing more local and regional activity,” (Snip)

US health officials said it was not clear why there were more swine flu cases in some regions and warned that many people were still vulnerable because they had not been immunised. Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia have been reporting “regional disease” – one step below “widespread disease,” (Snip) She said the situation in Georgia was unique.

“Recently, Georgia has seen more laboratory confirmed influenza hospitalisations each week than they’ve seen at any time since October,” Schuchat said. “They’ve had more than 40 hospitalisations in this past week, and for the third week in a row, Georgia had more hospitalisations than any other state in the country from laboratory-confirmed H1N1 influenza,” Schuchat said. Continued:

The US supply of H1N1 vaccine reached 124 million doses last week, Benjamin said.



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