Saturday, February 27, 2010 | 20:09 pm
Bahasa Indonesia JAMBI | SOLAR Online –

Five areas in Jambi province is Jambi city and four districts, contracted avian influenza (H5N1), resulting in hundreds of chickens owned by residents, died suddenly.

Chief Provincial Livestock Office of Jambi in Jambi Hanif Lubis, Saturday (27/2/2010), said the four districts that contracted the bird flu is Muarojambi District, Batanghari, Tebo and Kerinci regency.

“The worst attack in the Kerinci regency, at least 400 residents of chickens died suddenly. Everything chicken or chicken pieces are kept in cages, “he said.

While the city of Jambi and three other districts, the dead chicken fewer, and most of the chicken is left free to roam.

Hanif said, to anticipate the spread of the disease, and that is not contagious in humans, the medical officer deployed to the field to take action, either to destroy, isolate the infected areas, to vaccination and other measures.

Therefore, the poultry farmers in bird flu infected area were asked incentive to do sanitation, spraying and vaccination to prevent transmission of the disease.

Residents are also asked to report immediately to the nearest farm workers if they find a chicken or poultry that died suddenly in abundance, so that action can be taken.

The people who found the chicken died suddenly also asked to not make direct contact with the animal.

“If anything has touched the animal, should immediately shower and wash your hands clean so as not infected,” said Hanif.

Animal Husbandry Department, he added, also tighten the traffic flow of animals, because a number of neighboring provinces also contracted the disease.


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