A Worldwide Travel Notice has been issued to travelers about the resurgence of bird flu, though it is in its mild stages.
Experts say that even though H5N1 transmission in humans does not occur easily, it still continues to be a threat, especially if it mixes with the H1N1 swine flu virus, which is dominant all over the world.

It was recently reported that a 3 year old girl succumbed to H5N1, making her the second fatality in Vietnam this year to the virus. The infant used to live near an illegal poultry slaughterhouse in Binh Duong. Since 2003, bird flu has proved to be fatal for 58 people in Vietnam.

In terms of deaths, Indonesia has been the worst hit by bird flu, which has claimed 135 lives.


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Egypt: New case of bird flu in 4 year old

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Health Ministry announced Sunday the discovery of a new case of human infection with bird flu in a 4 year old. It is the 107th case since the onset of the disease in Egypt

The ministry said the patient had entered Beni Suef General Hospital on March 18, suffering from fever and cough, runny nose and pneumonia after being exposed to birds suspected of being infected with bird flu.

The ministry said that the child had been given Tamiflu and has been immediately transferred to a hospital in the capital. It’s condition is critical