The Ministry of Health on Sunday said that the total cases of infection, “H 1 – to 1” was known as swine flu since it appeared in Egypt and even now is 16116, including 5597 cases among school students and 863 cases among college students.

A statement by the Ministry of Health that the total casualties among school students in the past week amounted to only 5 cases among university students and a single case.

The statement noted that the total casualties outside schools and universities was the case, with a total 9656 cases of recovery from the injuries amounted to 15838 healing and the case is still under treatment, 7 cases receiving treatment in hospital.

The statement noted that the total deaths since the outbreak of the disease and so far amounted to 271 cases.

Two cases of bird flu in Kafr El-Sheikh
Department of Health announced the Kafr El-Sheikh on injured: Zainab Abdul Aziz Al Haddad (30 years), Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed al-Sayed (13 years) infected with avian flu, fever hospital was Hdzhma Kafr El-Sheikh
The Directorate: that their samples are positive, and that brings the number of cases at the level of the Republic to 102 cases since the outbreak of the disease until now.
On the other hand announced that the Directorate of Veterinary Medicine, Kafr El-Sheikh 8900 execution of an infected bird with various illnesses, and the closure of 25 poultry farms do not comply, the closure of 9 shops for the birds in Kafr El-Sheikh and Desouk; for non-compliance with the specifications.
It was also editor of 100 cases of butcher shops in all centers to maintain; to slaughter outside Alskhanp.

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