Recombinomics Commentary 19:54
February 16, 2010
Some of these symptoms are similar to the flu so doctors are testing for it, but so far none have come back positive. If your child has a cough for more than ten days you need to take them to see a doctor.

Doctors at Cape Fear Pediatrics describe the flu as a dull roar. Most of the cases they have seen have been the H1N1 flu.

They are also seeing a viral stomach virus with fever and vomiting.

The above comments on upper and lower respiratory illness in North Carolina have much in common with reports from last fall, when schools were reporting double digit absenteeism and the illnesses responsible were said to be seasonal flu, stomach flu, bronchitis, allergies, or strep.  However, the symptoms matched those of swine flu and in the fall H1N1 was the major virus in circulation.  Since there are more respiratory viruses circulating at this time of the year, calling the above cases H1N1 is more difficult.


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