(I’ve been wondering the same thing. Not a peep on seasonal flu here or getting seasonal flu shots.-cottontop)

United States – The swine flu has all but disappeared for the time being, but in its wake public health officials are facing a bizarre influenza season – there’s almost no seasonal flu going around. This time of year is typically the peak of flu season, but doctors and health care clinics are reporting flu cases far below normal levels. The early spread of the swine flu last fall seems to have either delayed, or perhaps prevented entirely, the normal flu season.

“I have never seen a year when it’s been this late in the season and there hasn’t been any influenza activity yet,” said Dr. Randy Bergen, clinical lead for the flu vaccine program for Northern California Kaiser. “It certainly isn’t out of the question that seasonal flu could still show up, but for there to be no activity right now is pretty extraordinary.”

In California, about 4 percent of visits to doctors’ offices this time of year typically are for flulike illnesses, according to the state Health Department. But as of last week, less than 2 percent of visits were for flulike illnesses. And of those patients who were tested to determine what illness they had, almost none had any type of influenza – seasonal or swine flu.



United States
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