2/7/2010 6:24:00 PM
Cairo – Editor Masrawy – A d. Hamed Samaha chairman of General Authority for Veterinary Services, it was decided to ban the movement of poultry and to prevent the circulation of a live final in all governorates of the Republic with effect from next July, and to preserve the livestock and poultry industry in Egypt and to reduce the transmission of avian influenza from one place to another.

Samaha said that this decision was made to supplement the decision issued by Mr. Amin Abaza, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation to criminalize the transfer of live poultry and circulation since 2006, to give farmers a transitional period to stop completely before application of the law to impose sanctions on violators of up to imprisonment for a period of 6 months and pay a fine of more than 10 thousand pounds.

For his part, affirmed. Abdulaziz President of the Chambers of Commerce Division of poultry that Egypt’s consumption of poultry daily estimated 3,2 million chickens and domestic production after the avian influenza crisis more than 7,1 million chickens, and this gap is closed importing from abroad safe countries.

On the other hand d prepared. Saad Nassar, Advisor to the Ziralzraap and Land Reclamation memorandum to Mr. Amin Abaza, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation on the re-opening of the five poultry slaughter in Cairo at the request of representatives of the Division of poultry Chamber of Commerce in Egypt.

Said Dr.. Nassar that the MoU provides for the massacres to adjust their positions and follow the terms and binding rules for the establishment of abattoirs and protection from bird flu, noting that these massacres to accommodate more than 4 thousand workers.

Source: Middle East News Agency, Masrawy.
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