WRAL Health Team

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Thought the H1N1 pandemic was over? Think again.

UNC Hospitals epidemiologist Dr. David Weber said there are signs that another wave of the H1N1 virus might be starting.

There have been two waves of the virus so far, one last spring and another in the late summer and early fall.

In the past two weeks, five patents were admitted to UNC Hospital with H1N1, Weber said. Of those patients, three required intensive care.

The H1N1 virus could dominate our traditional flu season, he said.

“Classically, for each year, we peak in North Carolina, sort of mid to late February through early March, so we haven’t really reached our peak and so we’re expecting another peak,” he said. “It may be all H1N1 or it may be some seasonal flu mixed in as well.”

Many people may think the threat is over and aren’t taking advantage of the plentiful supply of H1N1 vaccine, Weber warned.

Others think that because they’re healthy, with no underlying health problems, that they don’t need it.

“About a third of the people who died of H1N1 are completely normal, and so even if people are healthy, they should get the vaccine,” he said.


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