KOLKATA, 21 Jan: As the top brass of the state administration were busy organising the last journey of Jyoti Basu over the past few days and villagers were putting up resistance against culling of birds, the highly pathogenic H5N1 virus has spread to new areas in Murshidabad.  

The deadly virus, which first surfaced in Nagar and Hazrabati villages in Murshidabad’s Khargram block on 14 January, has spread to six new areas of the district. (Snip) as the Bird Flu situation was not handled in an efficient manner, the virus has started spreading in new areas.
Senior ARD officials said initially the virus was confirmed in Nagar and Hazrabati in Khargram block, but the virus has now spread to areas like Haripur, Uttarpara and Ninur in Khargram block and Kharjuna, Shimulia and Badua in Baroan block. (Snip) the new areas are yet to be notified,
However, officials also said that as required steps like transportation of poultry birds could not be initiated immediately after the presence of the virus was confirmed in Nagar and Hazrabati, it has spread to new areas. This apart villagers also resisted culling of birds in some areas, which made things critical.



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