(Cottontops comment-AlohaOR is more up on this than I am and I thank her for taking the time to translate and try to assess the article. Sometimes, translations are hard to make heads or tails out of. 😉 AlohaOR can be found at FluWiki.  Her comments are below.-ct)

AlohaOR’s comments:  The machine translation (here) was very poor, so I’m only posting my synopsis.

A large number of ducks (5,000 out of 14,200?) died suddenly in Luoding, a city district in Guangdong province (under the administration of Yunfu City).  Rapid tests for H5N1 were negative. The initial diagnoses are serositis of ducks, E. coli disease, and mixed infection of Haemophilus disease.

Note:  According to Wikipedia, this news source (Nanfang Daily) is  “the Guangdong Provincial Communist Party official newspaper, part of the giant Southern Media Group. This Guangzhou-based family of papers are known to possess superior reporting and higher level of frankness than many PRC mainstream press outlets”.



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