Recombinomics Commentary 20:08
December 29, 2009
3,669,751 Influenza / ARI

207,013 Hospitalized

675 Dead

The above figures are from the Ukraine Ministry of Health and represent a spike of 42 fatalities in the past 48 hours. Oblast reporting 5 or more fatalities in the past 2 days includes Donetsk (7 to 80), Kharkiv (6 to 29), Dnipropetrovsk (5 to 32), Cherkasy (5 to 25) and Crimea (5 to 13).  The increases to 20 fatalities per day are close to the levels when the outbreak was first reported in late October (see map).

Samples collected from the fatal cases had two receptor binding domain changes, D225G and D225N, which have also been associated with fatality rates of 100% in Brazil, Mexico, and France.  However, the results from the first 6 cases in Ukraine represents the largest number from any country and additional examples are expected since the six cases were from at least two Oblast and were in individuals who were not contacts of each other.


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