The source is, a broadcast service founded by Falun Gong practitioners and supporters, which is critical of the Chinese government on its human rights record.  I believe this article is: (a) reporting the Tamiflu resistant strains of H1N1, (b) reporting concern about the possibility of a combination of H1N1 and H5N1, and (c) reporting concerns about under-reporting of H1N1 on the mainland.]

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December 11, 2009 Friday Show Length: 4 minutes 2 seconds to download mp3

According to the Army General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region, a doctor say that there is a variation of flow has occurred, and not just a new variant virus, for the variation of the virus is currently no drug that can cure. Zhong Nanshan, China’s well-known respiratory disease experts also pointed out that if the H1N1 and H5N1 re-combination, it would be a catastrophe.

Zhong Nanshan, a few days ago, said in an interview, at present, while in the fight against a stream flow, and also guard against a reorganization and variation of bird flu. (Recording) This is still a major concern to us, because of bird flu in China, there is the basis of the original, this is not the same as with the United States. Happen if the H1N1 and H5N1 re-combination, it would be a catastrophe. Therefore, we must be active in these two areas to prevent.

Zhong Nanshan, also said that a stream has become an absolute superiority of influenza virus strains currently in treatment of influenza cases, a flow of cases have been developed to account for as much as 9.

He pointed out that, according to the China Academy of Engineering, the new experts on the H1N1 influenza forecast peak mainland China will have 130 million to 260 million people are infected, accounting for 10% of the total population to 20%; of which only 8,000 people will 10000-170000000 symptoms infected persons accounted for 2 / 3; there will be 800 million to 1,700 million patients need hospitalization, accounting for symptoms of those about 10%.

According to the doctor revealed: A current virus mutates, the new virus called What’s the name are confidential. Although each person is infected with a stream, but not the same, the virus has occurred in different variations, so every infected patients is not the same.

Engaged in genetic research at the University of Toronto’s Dr. Chen Anan view, (recording) from the medical point of view from the immunological point of view, two different kinds of influenza viruses, such as a stream of viruses and avian influenza viruses also infected with the same person or with a host of When two kinds of virus genes have the opportunity to re-mix, thus generating a new influenza virus. This new virus is neither produced nor is it a flow of the virus of avian influenza virus, but a new influenza virus.  This after the emergence of new recombinant viruses may have a higher toxicity and more easily infect humans. To make matters worse, so the emergence of new influenza viruses to existing drugs may have a stronger resistance to the existing vaccine produced by this new virus will not have a preventive function.  This is to remind the public to be alert Mr. Zhong Nanshan reasons.

According to WHO figures, as of November 25, the global H1N1 confirmed cases is 44?1?6 100 61 cases, death 5,712 people, including the United States confirmed case is 80004 1000 9 100 33 cases, 2,233 deaths, while the China confirmed case is 80000 zero 39 cases, only 109 people died, is one twentieth of the United States mortality.

Zhong Nanshan said: So I do not believe the official figures.  Even the United States Center for Disease Control say the actual figure in the United States than the reported figures much higher. How high? 140 times higher than the actual figures. I think that China is.

Early this year, the WHO declared the outbreak of swine flu in the world, some experts pointed out that the swine flu in Asia, once the outbreak of bird flu and the Asian meet, there will probably be gene mutation, so dire consequences. At present H1N1 outbreak in mainland China, in pursuit of political performance, many local governments deliberately covered up the epidemic, even for suspected H1N1 patients did not carry out testing.  Experts point out that such an approach will lead to the medical profession can not grasp the spread of the virus and possible mutation. If the swine influenza and avian influenza viruses combine to form a new virus, it would be a catastrophe.

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