Recombinomics Commentary 19:54
December 1, 2009
Estimation of 274H and 274Y populations in the NPA specimen was performed by cloning and sequencing PCR products. The NPA specimen contained approximately equal proportions of 274Y and 274H (52.63% and 47.37%, respectively).

The above comments are from an upcoming EID paper on the swine H1N1 with H274Y isolated in Hong Kong from a San Francisco traveler. Since the patient was not taking Tamiflu, the detection of H274Y was an example of an evolutionarily fit H1N1 with H274Y.  However, the paper indicates that the sequence was from the virus passaged in MDCK cells and the sequence had a minor peak representing the wild type sequence.  The above quote describes the result of cloning from the original samples, which indicated the two populations were present in proportions that were almost equal.


Deadly Flu Virus Mutation in Bird Flu Swine

by Editors 01/12/2009 @ 00:28

KALIANDA : Public advised to anticipate a new virus attack that is formed from the combination of two genetic swine flu virus (H1N1) and avian influenza (H5N1) with transmission rates and very high mortality.

It was revealed the Section Head Disease Prevention and Observation, Public Health Service of South Lampung Regency Kristi Endarwati SKM, Monday (30/11).

He said, based on research pengamataan and the Ministry of Health, both naturally mutated virus is possible in a short time.

“We have received instructions to be aware and anticipate them in accordance with the procedures fixed (Protap) is clearly from the center to handle it if infected humans,” he said.

He said this during the public only knew the existence of bird flu and swine flu separately, but based on the results of scientific research, the virus could mutate and spread to humans at the same time in the form of a new virus that is deadly.

Furthermore, he explained, the bird flu virus during the transmission properties tend to be slower but the resulting mortality rate is very high. While swine influenza virus transmission between humans is very fast but low mortality rate.

After mutating, he added, the virus eventually becomes a new virus perfectly with the nature of human faster speed plus a very high mortality rate. Indication of transmission was more terrible because the combination of symptoms from both the virus.

He added, mutation of this virus by the Ministry of Health has not given the name because there is no case, therefore wary diintruksikan community and not to socialize to know.

“Mutations of this virus occurs naturally begins with the H5N1 virus spread to the body of infected pigs that have been transmitted between humans H1N1 and in accordance with the original nature of the virus H1N1,” he said.

He revealed, according to research, the bird flu virus is very possible spread to pigs that have been infected with human flu or because a pig’s body structure has similarities with the human body, or directly infected with H5N1 in humans who have contracted H1N1.

“One of the virus until now still difficult to prevent even the antiviral immune, especially when it comes to both the virus has mutated into a new virus that is more vicious,” he said.

He explained, after the virus mutates into a virus incorporated the new transmission has the perfect speed and perfection of the high mortality for infected.

For early detection melaukan cases, Public Health Service seeks to empower health care, and 40 people memebentuk surveillance (monitoring) to work together to provide education to the community.

The important thing to be done to anticipate that people maintain a healthy lifestyle with good personal hygiene such as washing hands before eating, keep the ethics when sneezing and coughing. (Ant / MI)

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