H1N1 RBD Changes at 225 Create Vaccine Mismatch Concerns
Recombinomics Commentary 14:22
November 29, 2009

Originating Laboratory provider of clinical specimen(s)
and/or virus isolate(s)
 [Ukraine, Kiev] Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Central Sanitary Epidemiological Station 41 Yaroslavskaya str. 04071 Kiev Ukraine
Sample ID given by the sample provider
Submitting Laboratory generator of data
 [UK, London] WHO Collaborating Centre
 The National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) The Ridgeway – Mill Hill London NW7 1AA, UK
Sample ID given by the sequencing lab:
Antigenic characterisation:
 A/California/7/2009 like. Low reactor
The above characterization of A/Lviv/N6/2009, which was placed on deposit at GISAID by Mill Hill, raises concerns about the evasion of pandemic H1N1 sequences which change position 225.  The above isolate has only one amino acid change in HA, D225G, which strongly implicates D225G in the low reactor results.  A low reactor reduces the titer by four fold or more, which signals a mismatch. Mismatched vaccine create the potential for the section of the variant, which could create problems since D225G was found in four of four fatal cases in Ukraine, and several countries (Brazil, Ukraine, Norway, France, China) found D225G in fatal and or severe cases.

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