D225G Swine flu mutation – Same receptor as 1918 Spanish flu pandemic found in Ukraine virus

According to analysis of genetic testing done by the World Health Organization, the Ukraine flu virus is an H1N1 mutation that is similar to the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic. The two flu virus outbreaks both have changes in the receptor binding domain D225G, and similar symptoms, which include bleeding in the lungs. Current estimates of the deaths attributed to the Ukraine flu outbreak is as many as 400, and increasing daily.

Spanish flu pandemic

In 1918, the Spanish flu pandemic killed between 20 million and 40 million people. The pandemic took place during the end of World War I, but ten times as many Americans died from the Spanish Flu as died in the war – nearly 700,000. The most severely struck regions were in areas of high humidity. Some speculation existed that the Spanish flu was an early attempt at a biological weapon due to the extremely high death rate, and symptoms that included bleeding in the lungs.

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