November 16, 1:18 PMColorado Springs Christian Spirituality Examiner Douglas Christian Larsen

Colorado Springs – As if expressing a Halloween prank, the news media around the world began reporting on the crisis clutching at Ukraine with early headlines that might have been snatched directly from 1918-1919 newspapers, including, but not limited to: Ukraine shuts schools, cancels public events due H1N1 (Oct. 30) and Flu epidemic panics Ukraine (Oct. 30) and Poland closely monitors Ukraine flu epidemic (Oct. 30) and NEWS FLASH! Highest epidemic of swine flu in Ukraine! (Oct. 30) and Swine Flu Fears Grip Ukraine (Nov. 1) and Ukraine Mystery Outbreak Sparks WHO Concern as Disease Spreads (Nov. 2).

The Ukrainian death toll levitated, out in the open, in the headlines. Forty-eight deaths by Halloween, 60 by November 2, then 64 deaths later in the day, and 67 by end of day. On November 4 the death toll struck 81; a few hours later the grim tally climbed to 86. One day later the H1N1 swine flu deaths reached 95, and by November 6 headlines trumpeted One Hundred and Nine (109) deaths.

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•  ‘Fever guide useless for flu’ (Link)

•  Two die in China after H1N1 Swine Flu vaccination (Link)

•  German H1N1 Flu Cases Double in a Week: Authority (Link)
•  Man, 55, dies after vaccination (Link)
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•  3 more deaths, 526 dead now in India, 139 new cases in past 24 hrs (Link)
•  Chandigarh confirms more than 100 H1N1 cases, closes 7 schools (Link)

•  Woman dies of swine flu as virus’ death toll in Israel reaches 48 (Link)

North Korea
•  Worker at Gaeseong Site Diagnosed With H1N1 Flu (Link)

•  Poland suspects 2nd H1N1-related death (Link)

•  Romania confirms 3rd death of citizen, in Italy (Link)

•  Balearic Islands had confirmed a second death from H1N1 (Link)

•  1,500 Rapid Response Units On Bird Flu Watch Standby (Link)
•  Different officials….different story: Thailand free of bird flu (Link)

•  Tunisia confirms first two deaths of A/H1N1 flu (Link)

•  13 more die of swine flu in Turkey, raising toll to 73 (Link)
•  Turkey confirms 73 deaths, and 56 in ICUs from H1N1 (Link)

•  Health Ministry confirms 282 deaths of flu and acute respiratory viral infections (Link)
•  Confirmation of 315 deaths  (Link)

United Kingdom
•  ‘Miracle cure’ for swine flu girl, 4, saved from the brink of death (Link)
•  North Wales: Mystery of the dying budgies: Dozens of prized birds drop off their perches in front of judges during show (Link)
•  Scotland’s 38th death and two Tamiflu-resistant cases (Link)
•  Child is latest swine flu victim (Link)
•  Strain of swine flu resistant to Tamiflu infects two people in Scotland (Link)

United States
•  Swine flu booster shots? Good luck with that (Link)
•  South still leads in child deaths from swine flu  (Link)
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•  Three More Cases Of Swine Flu In Pets (Link)
•  CT: Connecticut confirs another H1N1 death, 17th overall (Link)
•  GA: Ken Ober, Remote Control Host, Dies at 52 [symptoms of flu] (Link)
•  KS: Kansas flu activity at more than ‘twice the normal level’ (Link)
•  LA: Louisiana confirms 2 more deaths, 35 total deaths thus far (Link)
•  MI: Michigan’s Kent County confirms 3rd H1N1 death (Link)
•  NY: Brookhaven Town Councilman Keith Romaine dies unexpectedly (Link)
•  OH: Swine flu may have peaked in Akron region  (Link)
•  OR: Hospitalizations up 37 in one day and 2 new deaths (Link)
•  PA: PA DOH Adds (3) more on 11/16/09 (Link)
•  PA: Four Confirmed H1N1 Deaths In Allegheny County (Link)
•  TX: UT Southwestern scientist begins to unravel what makes pandemic H1N1 tick (Link)
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