Posted on: Saturday, 14 November 2009, 06:45 CST

The worst may be behind us for swine flu outbreaks, according to new reports from the World Health Organization on Friday.

The global death toll is slowing, although 6,250 people have died since the onset of the pandemic, AFP accounted.

In the week of November 8, the number of deaths from A(H1N1) increased about 179, while there were 224 a week prior and a significant leap of about 700 in the last week of October. 

The pandemic has affected 206 countries or territories globally, the WHO stated on its website.

The influenza season marked signs of peaking in North America, but Europe and Central and Eastern Asia show signs the pandemic is intensifying, the UN health agency said.

“Very intense and increasing influenza activity continues to be reported in Mongolia with a severe impact on the health care system,” it added.

However, the WHO investigated the sudden surge in flu cases in the Ukraine and discovered no indications that the swine flu virus was becoming stronger.

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