Sam Orez November 9th 2009

Ukraine continues to be in a panic about a deadly outbreak of influenza still not confirmed as H1N1 swine flu.

The disease contagion may be showing signs of diminishing. But accounts of young and otherwise healthy victims succumbing continue to circulate, contributing to heightened political tensions in a country that will face a general election on January 17, 2010. The virus has become a pivotal issue. Sentiment within the Central European nation increasingly holds that the country’s medical systems and political leaders were slow to react or inadequate in their response to the outbreak. More than 95 victims have died this year.

Signaling the importance given to a show of concern, in the middle of the night on November 3, Prime Minister Yuliya Timoshenko, the Ukrainian foreign minister and the president’s chief of staff gathered at Kiev’s airport to share solemn words about the arrival of a shipment of Tamiflu, a drug effective against swine flu.

Near panic broke out on October 30 as deaths from flu and respiratory infections increased, leading to the announcement of a flu epidemic. Tymoshenko introduced travel restrictions, closed all schools and universities and banned mass gatherings for at least three weeks, and conducted a live TV session on October 31 with her cabinet, health officials and regional officials. Some officials have had to publicly denied rumors that a plague is afoot in the Central European homeland.

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